A collection of 12 sophisticated and contemporary wood designs, each inspired by authentic European, American and Australian woods.  Our looselay luxury vinyl is an extra long format that makes installation even easier and creates a modern look for your floors.  It comes with a waterproof warranty that can take spills of all sizes.  New age vinyl is perfect for an environment with kids and pets because it is easy to clean, extremely durable, and a comfortable surface to play on.  Although our luxury vinyl looks and feels like wood, it won’t splinter, warp, or crack, yet it is still 100% recyclable.  Standard looselay planks generally measure 48″ x 7″, whereas our extra large planks measure 59″ x 10″.

From kitchens to bedrooms, and living rooms to bathrooms, luxury vinyl is a great choice for nearly any installation.  There are stair noses and transition pieces available to create a seamless finish.  Our looselay is quick and easy to install and only requires a smooth and level subfloor, and can even be installed over most existing floors.  It has enhanced acoustic properties that reduce noise levels in a room, and are especially popular for multi-family living spaces.  Another advantage to installing looselay vinyl is should you need to replace a piece, you simply lift the damaged plank and replace it with a new one, instead of having to go the more traditional route and uninstall the entire floor up to the damaged plank and then reinstall the floor.


Available Colors