At Pillar Resources, our mission is to simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives. Pillar’s success begins and ends with the customer experience. Providing world-class service that gets people talking about our services means focusing on every aspect of the customer experience. Pillar thrives on strong relationships based on loyalty and trust with all of its clients and partners. We utilize our diverse experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness to create lasting projects and relationships.

The single most important factor in driving a world-class customer experience is recruiting and retaining the best talent. Part of our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences lies in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where all associates have an opportunity to do their best, follow the highest ethical standards, reach their potential and contribute to our success. We achieve this through fostering a supportive and empowering environment for all employees.

When we do these things, everyone wins. We’ll create more opportunities for associates and more opportunities to serve more customers in all of our business markets. By staying true to our mission, we will achieve our vision to be a rapidly growing, best-in-class service and construction provider. We will be the best place to work.

All of this rests on our foundation – the Pillar Values. Pillar operates under a set of values that connects our rich heritage to a bright future. Being the best place to work means following the company’s Code of Ethical Business Conduct. The code isn’t just a set of policies; it’s a reflection of our company values and the way we want to operate – with customers, partners, suppliers and each other. It’s about doing the right thing, every time.

Ethical behavior helps keep us in compliance with the law, but it’s about much more than that. Ethical conduct is good for business. Companies with a strong ethical culture are the kind of companies that customers want to do business with. Operating ethically also helps us create stronger, healthier relationships inside our company. Companies with high ethical standards tend to attract and retain great talent. Together, we know we’ll only improve our reputation as the best place to work.

Nothing’s more important to our success than building a culture of integrity, respect, diversity and inclusion, and high ethical standards. We won’t always be perfect, but we will always operate ethically, in the best interests of our associates, partners, and our customers. We value relationships that are based on respect, loyalty, trust, and a shared sense of creativity and passion. We take pride in what we do; we own each step of a project – from pre-construction to close out – staying on schedule and within budget.

We have terrific associates who are passionate about our services and equally passionate about our customers. They see every touch point as an opportunity to provide services they’re proud to recommend to friends and family; to build a company where they’re proud to work; and to create the best company in the marketplace.