Okay to Oh My! – 3 Things to Take Your Interior Design Look to The Next Level

Who says you need a new year or a blooming spring flower to give your home a little makeover?!  We’re here to tell you that we are headed into a new season, and what better time than to clear out a little clutter and redefine your space!

A well-designed space can do a number on your life, not to mention your day to day can become significantly more enjoyable.  It’s been scientifically proven that when we are surrounded by beauty and design, it has a positive affect to our overall mindset.

While there are tons of tips and tricks to follow, the #1 golden rule is to do what feels best to YOU and brings you inspiration on the daily.

Below are 3 things you can do to your home or personal space right now that will leave you feeling refreshed and up your design game:


Put your game face on and purge anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, you don’t use regularly, or doesn’t bring you joy.  Holding on to things not only adds clutter, but it can add negativity to your life because it brings you down.


Just like your clothing, the rooms in your home should reflect YOU.  It’s nearly impossible to have just ONE style, but you can at least identify what styles you are most drawn to.  Pinterest is a great tool that can help you to identify what your design style is.  Start by creating a style board and save pins that inspire or speak to you, and eventually you will see a common theme throughout.  Most people have two to three different styles that they end up incorporating into their homes.  Some key home interior design styles are: traditional, farmhouse, modern, eclectic, bohemian, coastal, contemporary, transitional, industrial, etc.  Once you have a sense of what your style is, you can start purging what doesn’t make sense and you will never again question if a purchase will match your existing décor.


Black stabilizes a room and gives it an anchor.  Whether it is in a large item, like a chair or table, or smaller items such as a black frame or a black thin stripe in a napkin; both serve the same purpose and that is to give your style a base and allow it to take center stage.  You can see in the photo below that even though the space is predominantly light and airy, black is thoughtfully used to anchor the room and it doesn’t take over the space or leave it looking dark or modern.

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